Virtual Intro to the Dart Procedures

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When: 11/7 2pm-4pm MT

The Dart Procedures are based in the Alexander Technique. This workshop is an introduction to the full sequence of movement. It is based in developmental and evolutionary movement. Moving through the sequence can help with realigning the head, neck, and back, allowing for less pain and more efficiency of posture and movement.

Price: This workshop is on a sliding scale of $5-$25 depending on your financial needs. If you are not able to pay anything, we still want you to attend.

Payments can be made to @Sara-Yanney on Venmo (preferred) or through the email for PayPal. Cash will also be accepted on the day of the workshop.

The Dart Procedures start standing, but also goes to the ground. Dress accordingly to crawl and roll on the ground. Accommodations can be made if you are physically unable to go through any of these movements. You will go through the sequence on your own, but you will also observe a partner and they will observe you in breakout rooms. Even though this is based in the Alexander Technique, an Alexander Technique lesson is a one on one, hands on practice. This is based in the Alexander Technique and its concepts.

What you will need: A chair with a back, comfortable clothing, a mat or blanket if you want extra cushioning as you are crawling or rolling on the floor, your phone to document yourself, and a computer or laptop with a camera, but any device you can use Zoom on will work. You will need enough space to crawl and roll on the floor. A minimum of a space where you can spread out and lay down (4 feet x 6 feet).

About the Instructor: Sara Yanney (she/her) MFA, GL-CMA, has been teaching movement and somatics for 17 years. Sara received her BA in Dance from the University of New Mexico, her MFA in Performing Arts: Dance from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and her Graduate Laban Movement Analysis certification (GL-CMA) from Columbia College-Chicago. Sara is currently in the Somatic Dance/Movement Therapy MA program at Naropa University. She is a third year trainee at Alexander Technique Denver (ATDen) school and this workshop is part of the completion of her certification as an AmSAT Alexander Technique teacher.