Mitten Part 2

2013-05-09 14.58.08This is a bit delayed.  Since we got back from Michigan, I’ve been busy with family weddings, teaching, and my student’s recitals.

On day two of the Dance in the Mitten Festival, April and I got to take a wonderful Contemporary Class from Joori Jung, director of ArtLabJ.  It started with a lovely warmup on the floor (and if you know me, you know I love the floor), which easily flowed into center work that quickly progressed into jumps, movement across the floor, and then some repertory.

After that we had some down time, had a late lunch/early dinner at a fabulous cafe, the name of which I unfortunately cannot remember and then it was time to check in at the theatre.  2013-05-09 15.07.00

We were the last dancers to perform.  I must admit I am terribly impatient waiting to go on stage, but the time finally arrived.  The performance went well.  We had lovely feedback from the audience after the show.  Often in the dance world, we spend hours and months rehearsing a piece, to only perform it for one show, and then never dance it again.  It was wonderful to dance this piece again.  I was able to be present in the dance and my character (although I did have a small brain fart moment on stage…which I expertly covered).  Now that April has graduated from Ball State, I am very grateful I got to dance with her one more time, and hopefully we’ll get to dance together many more times 🙂

We left the theatre at about 10:00pm, filled up the car with gas, I got my Tim Hortons (April got her low calorie Starbucks iced coffee) and we made the 4 hour trek back to Indiana.  We loved being a part of the first Dance in the Mitten Festival and can’t wait for next year! 2013-05-09 14.58.23

the day before the mitten

Photography by Sara Drebelbius

Photography by Sara Drebelbius

Tomorrow, April and I will leave to represent the =ibrium Dance Project at the Dance in the Mitten Festival in Michigan.  We will be performing “Open”, a duet that is very close to my heart.

This piece was choreographed just two years ago.  But in that time it’s been a part of many shows.  I was fortunate enough to set it on the beautiful Amanda and Charise (shown in the video of a studio run in 2011 ). Then I had the pleasure of dancing it with Charise myself, and now for the second time with the lovely April.

This performance with April is particularly special because this woman just graduated from Ball State!  She is one of the fabulous dance majors I’ve watched grow and become an amazing artist over the last 3 years I’ve been at Ball State.  I’m honored to share the stage with this talented young woman!