Somatically Minded Holistic Wellness: Movement Therapy

Offering in-person, hybrid, and virtual Movement Therapy based in the Alexander Technique and Laban Movement Analysis

Sara Yanney, MFA, GL-CMA, AmSAT (she/her) has been teaching movement and somatics for over 17 years. Sara is a certified Alexander Technique teacher and Laban Movement Analyst. Click Here for full Bio.

Upcoming Workshops:

More New Virtual Workshops Coming Soon in 2021!

What we offer:

  • Private lessons online, in-person, or hybrid in Boulder, CO and virtually from anywhere.
  • Customized group lessons for your business, organization, or school
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  • Who these lessons are for: Movement Therapy is for anyone. Whether you are experiencing pain or need to connect to your body for your holistic health, this allows time to help integrate your mind and body to be as efficient and pain free as possible within your own unique body and life experience. Lessons are for all ages and abilities (full inclusivity statement below).

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Mission Statement: The human body is beautifully designed to efficiently oppose gravity. Unfortunately, we can learn to use our bodies in ways that can cause pain and injury. Many of the habits we develop are subconscious and we are not even aware of how we are organizing our body. The Alexander Technique helps you to understand the habits of movement you have and then find new ways of organizing your body that can help ease or eliminate pain and discomfort and maximize the range of movement possibilities in your body.

Western culture has separated the mind and body. I know the positive impact that integrating the mind and body can have on an individuals holistic well-being. I believe everyone deserves to find this integration. I believe in working with each individual, meeting them where they are, and collaborating to find what is best to help them in their journey toward holistic well-being through deepening their understanding of their body. You may have pain from an injury, need coaching in confidence speaking in front of groups, or need time set aside to be present in your body among the chaos of every day life.

Inclusivity Statement: I recognize my privilege as an able-bodied White cisgender English speaking woman. I believe that every individual has the right to connect with their body regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, physical abilities, mental abilities, family culture, regional culture, religious beliefs, socioeconomic location, or any other cultural or social locations. I celebrate diversity and within the sessions I provide, I strive to see each individual for who they are and the holistic uniqueness they have to offer the world.

Both Laban Movement Analysis and the Alexander Technique have racism and sexism in their history both by their founders and institutions. I am committed to equity and being a socially and multi-culturally competent teacher. Even though both founders of these techniques and their institutions have engaged in oppression, as most American and White Western institutions, the techniques themselves have helped me understand my body and find holistic wellness. I acknowledge this past and I am committed to helping both of these systems become more equitable and inclusive.