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Reserve a Workshop for Your School

We are happy to hold a virtual workshop for the teachers of your school. If you are in the Denver/Boulder, CO area or the Fort Lauderdale, FL area, you can book a workshop at your school, when public health and safety conditions allow, with Sara or Nicole. Please contact us for scheduling and group pricing.

Spring Workshops: Thursdays 3/18, 3/25, & 4/1 from 5pm MT/7pm ET to 7pm MT/9pm ET

Click here to save your spot and make payment. You will receive a Zoom link with the email you provide to attend.


  • $75 for one class
  • $140 total for two classes: enter Promo Code 2WD to get $10 off of 1 ticket
  • $199 total for all 3 classes: enter Promo Code 3WD to get $26 off of 1 ticket * earn the Level A certification with completion of the 6 hour training

Week 1 (March 18th): Body/Shaping

Western Culture has separated the mind and body. The body is a vital inroad to empathy. Understanding how the body plays a role in our interactions with others and our biases will help create better interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships. Learn to offer developmentally appropriate body awareness skill builders to students to develop their empathy, spatial awareness, self-regulation, and coordination. Learn to recognize your own body prejudices and preferences, as well as manage burnout.

Our forms or bodies are constantly interacting with and communicating with other forms or bodies. What might they be saying? How might my own context, culture, and preferences be influencing my observation and interpretation? Also explore the connections of internal shape (how I see myself) to external shape (how others see me).

Week 2 (March 25th): Effort

Uses of energy in the Western world often have psychological messages we interpret, even if they were not meant by the user. Learn to recognize your own body prejudices and preferences, and how that influences how you see your students and how they might see each other. Layer this awareness into Body level skills to help manage burnout.

Week 3 (April 1st): Space

Our personal space and group space have come to the front of mind with COVID-19 distancing measures. Developing and maintaining a healthy sense of boundaries are key to healthy relationships, as well as personal agency and self-confidence. Our kinespheres are where we interact with the world (or not), and how we “take up space” in it. Learn to offer these skills to yourself and your students.

What you get:

  • a 3 hour or 6 hour interactive workshop with a maximum of a 1 to 10 student to teacher ratio
  • scheduled time before and after workshops for questions and support from the instructors and other participants
  • an introduction to the Laban Movement Analysis system with tools to apply it for you and your students
  • ongoing support from our private Facebook group for past participants in our professional development workshops


Please let us know if there are days or times that you would like to see on our schedule.