Artist Statement



Photography by Mark Frohna

Dance and movement are an essential part of human communication. Through shared human experiences, dance can allow us to express emotions or ideas on a kinesthetic and visual level.  As an American Modern/Contemporary dance artist in the 21st Century, I find inspiration in the new rich global community we now live in. My goal is always to do my best to reach an audience and share something with them using movement, spoken word, props, or any other medium that will aid the audience experience. While I use Modern Dance technique as a base, I strive to not be confined by one vocabulary, but to continue to explore the possibilities of human movement. 



Dance has always been a reflection of the human condition, and at times a hopeful vision of what it could be.  I aspire to create work that visits the past that is a part of us, the ever changing present moment we are in, and reflect on where we can go.  I create art that shows the many possibilities of life either real and imagined, movement that can be literal and or abstract, and subject matter that will make you laugh and cry. 

Photography by Sara Drebelbius

Photography by Sara Drebelbius




I believe that diversity is beautiful in nature and human society, and therefore I want to see that reflected on the stage or any performance location.  I want dancers to find their own meaning and expression in my choreography, instead of merely copying the material I give them.  My choreography has my distinct voice, but I always allow a level of collaboration with my dancers in the creative process. I enjoy finding a balance of creating my vision while allowing the dancers to be individuals and how the movement manifests in their body and spirit.  

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