An Experiment on the Relationship Between an Audience and Choreographer

The time is finally coming for me to begin exploring what my MFA thesis will be. After a lot of thought and speaking with some wonderful faculty, I am beginning to narrow down my research ideas to exploring the relationship of an audience and a choreographer. Regardless of a choreographers intent, you cannot completely control how each individual audience member will experience your work. And why should you? The human race is filled with diverse people, each with completely unique life experiences, minds, and beings. Their beliefs, culture, gender, age, and countless other factors will influence what they see in a dance.

I am going to play with this relationship as I begin choreography for my thesis with a solo that will be performed later in July. Throughout the creative process, I am going to try some different elements in sound, costuming, and other factors to see how the audience experience changes. I will also collect data from the audiences at the final performance.

DISCLAIMER:This showing of my choreography is an early draft. Please know this is not a finished product yet. I am inviting you into the process so I can better understand how my work is interpreted by others.

I am asking you to help me with this research. I will post video weekly up until the show. I would be very grateful to find out what you get from the choreography. I want to know what you see and experience. If you just enjoyed seeing interesting movement that is okay. If you only come up with a few words to describe what you saw or felt that would be great. You do not have to derive a narrative or specific meaning, but if one does arise when watching, please share this. I look forward to reading your unique perspectives.