Indy Convergence-Toronto 2014 Tech Day

So I didn’t quite blog every day. This Convergence has been a whirlwind of creativity, classes, and rehearsals.  Time has flown by.  Today has mainly been tech (with the exception of a wonderful Pilates class taught by Caitlin).

In my first Indy Convergence, I there were a few pieces that I was not in.  This time I am working with almost every artist.  Of course, we all can continue to develop the work we have done here.  But, it is inspiring to see so much great work being developed in only two weeks.

The process of my piece was a very quick one.  Last year I had almost a week before my final rehearsal, I so had time to think about choices.  I was happy with the decisions I made and the product that came out of it.  But, I was very happy with what came out when I worked quickly, without time to over think things.

I did use some phrase work I have used before exploring this concept.  I completely re-shaped everything, changing focus of sections and also exploring creating my own sound score (something I’ve been itching to do since my Sound Design for Dance class at UWM), using the performers words and some Facebook posts.

Here is a take of the first try for the structured improvisation that will be shown as part of the piece in the open lab performance tomorrow night. I took the interviews that are used in full with Kendra’s and Ian’s voices because there is an interesting contrast in them.

I am very proud of my work, the performers in my piece, and all of the amazing things that have been going on here at Indy Convergence YorkU!  I can’t wait to share it all tomorrow in the performance.