Indy Convergence-Toronto 2014 Day 3

Despite the fact that the man working at the subway station was lacking in the usual Canadian friendliness, today was a great day.

We had Kenpo with Robert in the morning (always a good way to start out the morning, getting out a little aggression).

Today was the first rehearsal for my side project.  I am exploring our relationship with cell phones and how that effects how we interact with others.  I started with some movement phrases with the dancers all keeping their focus on the phone in their hand.  I also interviewed everyone about how they feel about cell phones.  I will be using that material to create a sound score for the piece.  We played a little with some manipulation of the movement and I was very happy to see how they made it their own.  I now have a lot to think about, compose, and plan before the next rehearsal.  I am very excited to see how it will evolve.

For the Umbrella project rehearsal, we started with watching a video about Ray Kurzweil and his theories on how technology will progress.  All of his theories are based on scientific data.  Much of what he has predicted so far has happened.  I do think we should use technology to help someone who is differently abled or to help cure disease.  I personally do not know exactly where the line should be drawn, and I do not trust that all of humanity would make the right choices.  It only takes a few people to mess up everything for everyone.  As a dancer, I almost find it threatening that we can enhance ourselves with technology.  I spend so much time in my body, sensing my body, and helping to understand how others move.  I do not feel right about adding technology to our make up…when do we stop being human?

Perhaps we are just destined to evolve beyond being human.

It was very enjoyable to be human in Kendra’s Butoh workshop.  I had been looking forward to it since the last convergence.  There is something very telling in the simplicity of a slow grounded walk (and it also gave me time to multi-task and give myself Alexander directions while also observing myself through the LMA/BF lens).

And now, I will work on my sound score and say, goodnight.