Indy Convergence-Day 12: Pre-show Panic to Post-show Euphoria

The last day of IC was certainly a roller coaster.  And while I do not like roller coasters (I do not like feeling like I’m going to die, personally), I LOVED my last day of Indy Convergence.  The only thing I didn’t love was the fact that it was our last day.

IMG_1982-533x800We completed teching the show, then had our dress rehearsal.  And the expression “bad dress rehearsal, good show” held true as always.  I didn’t realize until we did the tech how many quick changes I had.  But we got through it, cleaned up the space for our audience (we had been living there for the past two weeks, and it showed), and got ready to show everyone what we had been creating.

When the day started, I did get very nervous that people outside of our Indy Convergence bubble would be seeing our work, but once the show started that all melted away.  I had the calming presence of my IC family, and I must say the audience was amazing.  They were warm and receptive and I enjoyed performing for them.

Perhaps the most fun was getting to be with the IC 2013 family one more time as we had our strike and clean up time.  I am so grateful that I applied to be a part of IC.  Caitlin and Robert have done an amazing job creating something very special.  They don’t just bring artists together, but they create a supportive community for everyone to thrive in.  I not only made new connections in the art world, but I made lifelong friends.  I didn’t just develop a dance piece that I have been working on, but I stretched myself as a performer by speaking on stage (very scary for me, but less scary now) and being part of a vocal choir.

I could write an individual blog about how much I love each and every Indy Converger, but I’ll refrain.  I will say that I am a better artist and a better human being for being a part of Indy Convergence, I am so incredibly grateful for the experience, and I look forward to many many many more to come 🙂