Indy Convergence-Day 9: I was interviewed by a puppet

All of the artists are being interviewed for film by various puppets that Coleen brought to IC.  Today was my turn to be interviewed.  It was a lot of fun and we got to do jazz hands, so that was success.

Before that we had our last Kenpo class for the week (sad) and I had a very productive rehearsal for my side project.  We even ended up finishing rehearsal a little early.  Having the film and music completely edited was also helpful.  I love all of the pictures that my friends and family shared so I could put together the project.

The class came in handy for Robert’s rehearsal later.  As well as the booty shaking, Ashley and I also get to do some Kenpo within the piece.  We go through the Kenpo Kata, which is a serious of movement in which we kill 6-8 people each (yes, we’re pretty bad ass).  If you see this performance, please keep in mind we are beginners.  I’ve included the video of Robert doing the Kata so you can see how it should be done.
The funny thing is Robert thought the group of dancers he taught it to would easily pick it up and remember it.  With some rehearsal, and keeping my eyes glued to Ashley, I feel fairly confident in it.  Best way for me to remember the sequence is to think of the invisible people we’re killing and where I’m attacking them (ex. throat, groin, cut off their head, etc).