Indy Convergence-Day 10 Work Work Work

2013-05-30 13.26.10We are at the homestretch, and while I am naturally a little tired and sore, I am genuinely having a ball.  I feel very lucky to have spent the last two weeks with people who have inspired me creatively, and supported me both artistically and personally.

I love my new Indy Convergence family!

For me, it was a rather light day.  I did however do a brilliant job using a hot glue gun to glue red plastic cups to sticks.  The puppeteers were busy making some phenomenal    things.  I am in awe at what they can create in such a short amount of time.  Christina and Colleen have made me fall in love with puppets.  Ian and our fabulous interns Laura and Adrianna (in their steel toed boots) were very busy all day setting up lights and other fun techie things.  Lee added the finishing layers to his sculpture/set, which also helped to transform the space.2013-05-30 17.07.34

The highlight of the day, was the combination of the set, the lights, and one of my favorite puppets, Frankie.  He is ginormous.  To see this big puppet moving in the space, in addition to Robert’s interesting improvised dialog for Frankie, made me very happy.