Indy Convergence-Day 7: Carnaval!

Rum+Pizza+Day 7 of Indy Convergence=Magic…and good times.

After a slower day to get caught up on projects, we went back into full swing with rehearsals on today.  We had Kenpo in the morning, focusing quite a bit on some self-defense.  We also worked on back kicks which I will hopefully remember if I am ever in a situation where I need to defend myself.  That back kick is all glutes and quads, which I have in abundance.

984304_10151426008290814_1710771229_nAfter that it was swan time again and then a great Umbrella project rehearsal.  One of the reasons I wanted to be a part of Indy Convergence is because I knew it would push me out of my comfort zone.  I always want to continue to grow as an artist (as a performer, choreographer, and educator) and this experience is certainly helping me do that.  I was given a speaking role that involves some improvisation.  I have to admit that I prefer to dance in front of group over speaking.  But this group was so supportive, I was able to push through my insecurities.  Hopefully I can continue to improve and make Ellen proud on Saturday.

Then, the party began.  We had a few hours with Robert for his side project about Haiti.  Since one of the scenes is a Haitian carnaval, and rum is an important part of it, he had us also drink rum…it was for art.  We created a lot of material.  Rum and pizza are an excellent equation to create art.  I have sincerely had a blast throughout this process, despite the hard work and sore muscles, but this rehearsal is probably at the top of the fun list 😉