Indy Convergence-Day 3: I was a blob and I saw a possum

941719_4735869086361_751859372_nPuppets and Kenpo and Beards, oh my!  The creativity continues to flow on our third day of Indy Convergence.  It’s the third day, but there are already amazing things happening.  I’m feeling very inspired being inspired by so much talent and creativity, as well as nurtured by my new Indy Convergence community.

Today I learned how to kill a man.  Okay, so I took one Kenpo martial arts class with Robert this morning.  It makes me realize I need to add learning a martial arts form to my to do list.  This led into our first rehearsal for Robert’s side project, which is about his experiences working in Haiti and starting .  We spent the entire first rehearsal with Robert sharing his experiences with us.  It was incredibly humbling to see the positive changes he and the other Indy Convergence artists that have been affecting in Haiti.  I am excited to start this process, further understanding my understanding of the complex situation in Haiti and the rich culture and heritage there.9903_4735871926432_1347192912_n

Our Umbrella Project rehearsal was particularly fun, because we got to test out the blob suits.  The dancers involved in Indy Convergence (and Josh) all get to be alien “Blobs” in a scene about “otherness”.  Human explorers go the the Blobs’ planet.  We’re not sure yet exactly how it’s going to end up.  I will post a picture of our shiny Blob suits tomorrow; they’re pretty freakin fabulous.

We then had a poetry writing workshop with Leah.  We learned about writing poetry for two or more voices.  One of our first exercises was to write a poem based on a prompt, I chose the one about seeing a dead possum.  I’m certainly not a poet, but I enjoyed just getting thoughts out on paper.We then played a game, a type of poetry pictionary.  We each wrote one line to a poem.  We then passed it to our left and that person would write the next line.  Before passing it along, you fold the paper so the next person can only see the last line written.  So each line of the poem is written only with seeing the line before it.  It made for some great and often hilarious poetry…particularly about Ian’s emerging beard 😉