Indy Convergence-Day 2: Gender Studies and Butoh

Despite the fact the for some reason, my left quad decided it was very unhappy last night and this morning, it was okay throughout the day and I had another creative, productive, and fun day at Indy Convergence!

181457_4731661381171_470902095_nToday we had a lovely Yoga class, check-in, and then I had rehearsal for my Gender Studies piece.  I’m taking what I started and showed as a work in progress at the last =ibrium Dance Project concert, and adding to it and developing it more.  I’ve taken out all of the silence and extended a few songs and added two in (I Enjoy Being a Girl and Mannish Boy).  If you haven’t seen the piece, all of the songs refer very specifically to gender.  I decided to keep the same voice over as the original, but re-record it with someone with a much more articulate voice than my own, and I’m going to add a sort of video slide show.  I will be showing pictures of myself and others as children and adults both living up to gender expectations as well as going against them.

After another sound experimenting Umbrella Project Rehearsal, we had a Butoh class with Kendra.  I have seen some video of Butoh, but aside from the fact that it is originally from Japan and a modern response with traditional Japanese aesthetic, I knew nothing about it.  I of course did not magically become an expert in a little over an hour workshop, but I now have a very basic kinesthetic idea of what it is, Kendra shared more of the history that I was not aware of before, and I especially found our last guided exercise very satisfying.  I especially enjoyed our guided movement journey from the womb, going through life, and finishing that cycle with the inevitable.

I’ve had my “I’m an old lady so I need to soak in espom salt” bath and now it is time to get some rest so I can do some more converging in the morning.