Indy Convergence Day 1: The Power of YES!

969523_4726842020690_459058661_nI have the privilege of playing, exploring, and creating with other artists during Indy Convergence this year.  Today was the first day and this is my first year being a part of this amazing experience.

After we had a group Pilates class, introduction, and check-in, we had a workshop with Colleen called “The Power of YES!”  Being one of the newbies, it was a great way to instantly feel at ease being myself with a new group.  We did one of my favorite name games when you go around the circle saying your name and doing a movement with it.  Once we learned everyone’s names, we then continued to build improvisational exercises, all revolving around the idea of saying YES.  In our everyday lives and especially as artists, it can be hard to trust our creative ideas and say yes to them.  This reminded me of John Cage’s Rule 8 “Don’t try to create and analyze at the same time.  They’re different processes”.  This was a great way to start Indy Convergence off, helping us to start the creative process trusting ourselves and our ideas.

I’m excited to see what we say yes to and what we will all create!