Mitten Day 1

601904_4675675381556_901922109_nWhat a day: get up at 5am, pick up April in Muncie, get to Eastern Michigan University at 11:55am, technique class at 12;00pm, tech and run at 2, check in at hotel, eat over priced Chinese food, rest, site specific improv, ice cream, blog, sleep.  This pretty much sums up our day.

We made it to Ypsilanti just in time for Holly Hobbs’s fabulous Modern technique class.  It was a lovely class with wonderful movement and phrase work.  We got in touch with our crease (if you take Holly’s class, you’ll know what I’m talking about). It was great to see some familiar faces I’ve been seeing at ACDFA over the last few years.  We really do have a small dance community!

Tech went well with plenty of time to space out the piece and run it.  The theatre at the Riverside Arts Center is a wonderful space.  It has the intimate feel of a black box theatre with a raised stage (and wonderful side light).

After checking in at our hotel room, we went back for a wonderful site specific improv outside the theatre.  I particularly loved dancing with the bricks and following their patterns and dancing in the grass down a hill.  Site specific improv always gives me new movement information.  I believe I have a few motifs for some new pieces.

Tomorrow we will be taking a few classes and performing.  I get to perform a piece I love with a dancer I love performing with; it just doesn’t get better.  Now I must sleep so my 31 year old body can hand the list of tomorrows activities.