last day of classes


Today was filled with final exam reviews and creating my new website with breaks of meeting with my Modern 121 students for their end of semester meetings.  Today was the last day of classes and while the exhaustion that comes with the end of the semester does have a tendency to make one emotional, I must say I am very sad that I won’t get to dance with this group of young ladies all together again.

For any educator, it is hard to help guide someone along their path, watching proudly as they grow as artists and individuals, and then have to let them go.  Just like dance, education for me is very much about the moment.  In dance, you have that one moment in time that can never be fully re-created or happen again.  It is unique.  It is the same for my classes.  They exist for that time and then that group of dancers is gone. (Yet they are always a part of me). I can teach the same class and even have some of the same students, but that same group and their unique energy can never exist again.

Thank you to all of my students for letting me share a short part of your movement lives.  May you think of me every time you shift your pelvis or use your Effort Actions 🙂